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Glass Bottle Packaging Containers

Glass Bottle Packaging Containers




Glass Bottle packaging container is a kind of transparent container made of molten glass material by blowing and mold molding.

Glass packaging containers are mainly used for packaging liquids, solid drugs and liquid beverage products.

Classification of glass packaging containers

There are very many types of glass containers, which are classified as follows:

(1) Classification by bottle size

① Small bottle mouth.


It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20mm, mostly used for packaging liquid materials, such as soda, beer and so on.

② Big bottle.


Also known as canned bottles, bottle mouth diameter is greater than 30mm, glass bottle manufacturers have shorter necks and shoulders, bottle shoulders flatter, more canned or cup-shaped.

Due to the large bottle mouth, loading and discharge are easier, mostly used for packaging canned food and viscous materials.

(2) Classification by bottle geometry


① Round bottle.


The Bottle Body cross section is round, is the most widely used bottle type, high strength.

② Square bottle.


Bottle body section is square, this bottle strength is lower than the circular bottle, and manufacturing is more difficult, so the use of less.

③ Curve-shaped bottle.


Although the section is round, but in the height direction is the curve, by the internal concave and convex two kinds, such as vase type, gourd type, etc., the form is novel, very popular with the user.




④ Oval bottle.


The section is elliptical, although the capacity is small, but the shape is unique, the user is also very fond.